Why is Trivandrum a most preferred IT destination???

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With a deep gush of sigh and a relaxed modus operandi, investors, here in Trivandrum are breathed in a new life of possibilities that unwind the swirls of success mantra. The growing IT centres in the techno-park and regions around it, innovative start-up ventures and vast pool of human resources highlight the large possibilities this capital city holds for both the investors and the job seekers. A close look into the recent developments happening in this city would substantiate this claim.

Since the advent of an IT wave in the late 99s, Kerala has emerged as an inextricable force in the achieving of developmental goals that our country seeks. Service sector is a major contributor to India’s growing GDP and the slack in industrial growth further boosts the reliance our country will have on the service sectors. IT field holds a major chunk of contributions towards the growing service sector in India and hence with the aspiration for a double digit growth, this sector is about to see an unprecedented growth. Keeping in view these future possibilities investors always seek areas that could leverage their expectations in terms of factors of production (land, labour, capital and enterprise) and ease of doing business. Trivandrum with all these availabilities becomes the centre fulcrum to aid this growth.

The launching of a world class corporate training centre by TCS, the growing investments by UST, and the presence of renowned companies and their growing activities in this city, sheds light on the fervour with which larger hawks are keeping a keen focus to avail the best of the possibilities. The calm and serene, rush less environment further adds to the features. Well developed city facilities and ease of access to every requirements along with unending presence of leisure and recreation spots, well connected to roadways and railways are shades of attraction. The upcoming of Vizhinjam port and related logistic and technological development appended to it, further attracts more potential investments truly upholding and addressing their investment sentiments. Even the policy makers themselves look forward towards this sector’s growth as it has a major contribution in the state’s total export.(Techno-park itself contributing to nearly 77% of export income inflow)

Aligning oneself with the start-up call of government and with the related visions about the digitizing and making in India, Trivandrum stands as a potential region to implement these goals. And this is the reason why PREIGO FOVER a growing venture, with the spirit of service, establishes its base here in Trivandrum. We focus on creating a large momentum of growth not only for the company but also for our customers. The IT services have become an indispensable part of every life (with your ease of living being determined by the number of app your mobile has or by the technology you are surrounded with). We foster the same aspiration of smart living, blended with the innovative solutions that we provide. Making the best move with the changing flow of time, we want to uncover the vast possibilities we offer to you, addressing everyone’s desire.

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