What Preigo is doing through the COVID-19 crisis

We've continued to see the extraordinary impact of coronavirus COVID-19 and how it is disrupting so much of our daily lives. All of us at Preigo are constantly reviewing the latest developments around the world, and we are working diligently to support our employees who are supporting you.

Preigo team wants you to know that you are not alone, and we are here to help your organization through any unexpected hurdles. In the spirit of our company's values, we want to offer your organization the support you need to continue operating as close to normal as possible, while also protecting our team here at Preigo Fover Technologies.

Being located on the Arabian coast of Kerala, our team is always prepared to handle unexpected emergencies while prioritizing our client's needs. Preigo Fover Technologies has developed a comprehensive contingency and business continuity plan that we will be executed accordingly. This involves having a remote-ready workforce that is equipped to be fully functional and provide uninterrupted service, should our team be required to work from home. To protect our community and Preigo Team, we have moved to our voluntary remote work plan as of 17/03/2020.

We know you will have questions and we want you to know we are here to help your organization prepare for changes related to COVID-19. We have been meeting daily and are discussing ways in which we can help your online presence running smoothly. Our team, including our strategist, has already been discussing and implementing strategies with a variety of businesses and non-profits, giving them insight into the most successful tools being used to navigate this time. Please be sure to call or email (support@preigo.com)with any questions you might have. We have implemented a new email support request management system so that it's ensured you get timely support. Times like this reaffirm our commitment to being part of your business. We're in this with you and are here to provide any help we can as we work through this together.

Be safe and healthy,
Preigo Fover Technologies

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