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Preigo Fover Technologies is offering a new service to its valued customers - ONSITE RESOURCES MODEL. In this model, our full time resources will be available to you at your business location (onsite) anywhere in the world. According to your work requirements, you can hand pick a candidate from the talent pool available at Preigo Fover Technologies to work for you at your onsite location for any software development activities, be it web development, custom application development, PHP programming, or project management - like a dedicated employee of your own firm.

How does it work?
It's simple: First, you will have to pick from our resource pool and add resources to your IT team, for exactly as long as you desire, wherever you wish (whether onsite or offshore). Then they will work in continuous interaction with your team for the entire project life cycle, ranging from the point of collecting information to its implementation, as well as, its maintenance and support. We take care of everything else. Teams can operate onsite at your business location, or offshore from our development center in Trivandrum

Onsite Development Methodology

Ideally suited for short-term projects, the Onsite Delivery Model serves well where:

  • The nature of the project is such that the client's data cannot leave its premises and resources are required to implement software solutions at the very client location.
  • Our resources need to work in close co-ordination with department heads in the client location.
  • Our clients feel the need to impart some basic training to our resources regarding their systems and processes so that they can implement their project easily and successfully within limited time.
  • The scope of the project is repetitive and open-ended, as is the case with process re-engineering related services.
  • The client is not very clear regarding the end results required by them and hence requires long hours of and continuous discussions with our resource to get at it.
  • There is a possibility of fluctuating requirements during the course of the project.
  • Direct and continuous client participation and interaction is desired after each and every step involved. For e.g., getting the approval of the client's team after each stage of project.
Besides, Onsite Resources Model is the effective solution to long lasting hiring problems.

The Problems

The IT world is so fast changing and advancing that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) always have to look out for the right employees with the most updated and latest technological skills. They are struggling to hire, train and retain the correct mix of personnel in their IT groups. But there are so many problems in hiring like -

  • Hiring the right people for the right job - Web design and development is a field which requires lots of experience and high team spirit to guarantee good results. When you hire fresh talents, they may not have the right real-world experience inspite of their many credentials. Besides the person you hire may not stay, or even worse, may not even have the right team skills.
  • Highly Expensive Training in latest technologies - After hiring, you will have to train them with the latest tools and technologies which will not only drain your budget, but also there is always the danger of trained employees leaving for "greener" pastures.
  • An in-house team with years of experience and knowledge will often not be as flexible as you would like them to be, to rapidly develop and deploy new systems. They may not like to deviate from their oft-trodden path. And this can lead to ugly standoffs with business teams - which would be the last thing you want for the successful completion of your project.
  • Besides, you may not always need a big IT group anyway. While a skilled team of specialists may be necessary to see new and large projects and deployments out of the door, a small team may be enough to do the daily maintenance and bug fixes. There is no point in hiring a big group and paying them all forever.

 The Solution

We at Preigo Fover Technologies understand your hiring problems and wish to provide the solution. Our Onsite Resources Model is specially designed for enterprises who want to augment their team with technically skilled team players when necessary. You can select from our diverse pool of programmers, designers, team leads and project managers to find the right candidate for your team.


Full control over Resource Hiring / You select your person: In this mode, you will be the one who decides who works on your project. Preigo Fover will only act as a provider of full time or half time resources for onsite staffing requirements. This means that you will have a chance to interact with the resource, judge his or her suitability for your requirement and make an informed decision. So you can rest assured that the right person is working on your project.

Face-to-face interaction with the client: The onsite model facilitates our continuous interaction with you, our client company. It will enable us to have a clear understanding of the expectations and the end results desired by you, thus quickening the pace of our project implementation.

Minimizes alterations in later stages: Live interaction between you and the resource will bridge the communication gap and minimize alterations in later stages.

Complete control over Project Management: Since the full time resource is working out of a location of your choice, you will have complete control over the project management and can fully utilize our resources according to the peak and troughs of your requirements. Our resources will in turn support you at all time to achieve your targets.

First-hand information: The Onsite Resources model helps our resource obtain first hand information by understanding the scenario existing at your place. This too will prove beneficial for the quick and successful completion of the project.

Quicker Completion of Projects: The onsite model facilitates reduced time-to market the project/ product/ service.

 WHY Preigo?

Technically adept talent pool - Our young, creative, talented and technically aware team of IT professionals can deliver the essence and touch of workmanship that you need for your professional Web site design or web application project.


Preigo has successfully completed two onsite development projects. This includes a client in African subcontinent and one at Technopark, the largest IT park in Asia.

Preigo ›› Services ›› Onsite Development

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